If you enjoy watching Serie A, you should catch some of the most important phrases, that every “calcio” fan will know. If you’re given the opportunity of watching the matches with Italian football lovers, double your motivation. They will love it, if you use one of the below terms!

No wonder Italians love their football teams – both the national representation (or, as they call them, “Azzurri”, which refers to the blue colour of their clothes) and teams from Serie A. Italy is one of the most successful countries when it comes to football. They stood on the podium of the FIFA World Championship seven times: four times on the top, two times as the second best and one time on the third place. Even the Italian teams are one of the best in Europe, with 48 European trophies, which gives them the second place on the Old Continent.

1. Catenaccio

Come to think about it, this might be the most important term for the whole Serie A, as it describes the type of game the best Italian teams prefer. Catenaccio is a strategy, where the team focuses on making it nearly impossible for the opposite side to score, before actually scoring themselves. This type of game is supposed to wear the opponents out, make them run like crazy and lose all the energy, while Italians, who play defensive game, don’t run as much and have more energy.

2. Gol alla del Piero

Have you heard about Alessandro Del Pierro? He’s an Italian player, who scored many epic goals. His most spectacular ones were shot in the upper right corner of the goal from the left corner. He did score many goals this way, his first one… two weeks after starting his career. If you hear from an Italian, that someone shot gol alla del Piero, it’s a high praise.

3. Scommesse sportive

As you probably know, football is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. People from all over the world watch, get excited, talk about matched and… bet. And that’s what “scommesse sportive” stands for – a regular bet. If you hear the term from an Italian, don’t be surprised: as huge lovers of this sport, they tend to take their worship to the next level. Italians not only talk, but also bet their beloved teams and just adore all the options, that sports betting provides. As real experts when it comes to football, Italians prefer more complex bets, for example who will score the first goal and such.

4. Zona Cesarini

Witnessing a Zona Cesarini gives viewers a heart attack. This term means to get a goal in the very final minutes of the match, when emotions are high above the sky. Honestly, as Italians love a good show, the Zona Cesarini is one of their favorite terms. Do you think you can handle the emotions and witness that kind of goal with them?

5. Panchinaro

You will not hear this term in a friendly conversation. This is a rather pejorative word, which is used to describe a player, who usually sits on “panchina”: the bench. If you hear this phrase in an Italian conversation, you can be sure that it will be spoken in a disrespectful tone.

The words and phrases mentioned above are jus examples. One thing can be said for sure: watching a match with Italians is something every fan of football should experience: their joy of watching a good match, commitment and knowledge are something that inspires people around the world . Even if you won’t get all the words, you will definitely see the reactions!

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